engines smWE STAND BY OUR QUOTES. We are one of the most, if not THE most experiences PT6 overhaul shop in the country. We have the knowledge and experience to give an accurate and fair quote. We will not low quote your work to get it into our shop and then blindside you with an outrageous invoice. We guarantee it.

Turbines Inc, with the customer’s approval, will use PMA parts in place of OEM parts when available. These are FAA approved parts that meet or exceed the requirements of the OEM with a substantial cost savings. This choice is not available at the DDOF shops. You will be given the cost of both alternatives. The choice will be yours. We have over 20 years of experience using PMA parts and will always advise what are the correct parts for your engine and operation.

We will customize your engine overhaul to meet your individual needs. ALL overhauls and repairs are in compliance with the current Pratt and Whitney manuals. All service bulletins, applicable to your engine, will be reviewed for applicability and technical merit before being offered. We will advise you of the benefits, both technical and financial, for your specific engine project.

Turbines Inc has a large inventory of overhauled parts. Our pricing policy is cost plus, not list less a percentage. You will be surprised at the savings. We will use the exact same parts as the big shops, but our pricing will be substantially less.