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Pratt & Whitney PT6A Engines


COMPLIANCE WITH AD 2014-11-05 (Containment Ring Reinforcement Liner)
is coming due August 2018

Turbines Inc. introduces AMOC DERSGRP-2016-101
(Alternate Means of Compliance)

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Turbines Inc AMOC complies with AD 2014-11-05 for the modification of the Power Turbine Containment Ring on P&W PT6A Turboprop engines at a very competitive price. The models this AD pertains to are: PT6A-11, PT6A-11AG, PT6A-15AG, PT6A-20, PT6A-20A, PT6A-20B, PT6A-21, PT6A-25, PT6A-25A, PT6A-25C, PT6A-27, PT6A-28, PT6A-34, PT6A-34AG, PT6A-34B, PT6A-36, PT6A-110, PT6A-112, PT6A-114, PT6A-135, PT6A-135A




TurbinesContainmentRingAd Page 1 Image 0003Compare our pricing (Replacement):

Pratt List Price for replacement part (New) to comply with this AD (PN 3109595-01) | $23,007.00

Turbines Inc. modified part in O/H condition using FAA approved AMOC, exchange.

Same day turn time - $1,800.00



TurbinesContainmentRingAd Page 1 Image 0004Compare our pricing (Repair):

Pratt List Price for liner detail 3109594-01: | $1,833.50
Turbines Inc. liner detail TI-0001using FAA approved AMOC
We will modify your part

Same day turn time - $800.00



TurbinesContainmentRingAd Page 1 Image 0001Compare our pricing
(Repair/Replacement with installation):

Fly your plane in and we will modify and
install for $3,800. Same day turn time
Turbines Inc uses our FAA approved Containment Ring Liner in place of P&W PN 3109594-01.



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