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10Founded in 1981, Turbines Inc. is a leader in the major repair and overhaul of the Pratt and Whitney PT6 engine. Turbines prides itself on serving all market segments from Agricultural Aircraft to Airlines and everything in between with the experience and service to meet your needs.

We are centrally located in Terre Haute, Indiana on the grounds of the Terre Haute International Airport, with a full fly in access right to our hanger. Our location is supported by a 24 hour per day manned tower for control.

Personal Attention

When you have a technical question or just want to explore some options, you will not find a more experienced group to talk to. We can be reached 24 hours per day, seven days a week for personal troubleshooting and operational advice. When you call Turbines, you will speak to someone who has worked on PT6 engines for over 30 years and can advise and troubleshoot your PT6 right over the phone. Call 812-877-2587 or email Jim at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There is no administrative assistant who takes your message and promises to get back to you. You will speak directly to Jim, who is our General Manager and has full authority to utilize all our resources to solve your engine problems.

Detailed Attention

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Turbines Inc. is FAA approved to perform all work scopes on a PT6 engine from Hot Section repair to full Overhaul on all PT6 models, and “yes” we are the experts on the PT6A-20. We perform all work in house to overhaul your engine not only saving you time but also money. All cleaning, NDT, Inspection, balancing, and testing is done right here at our Terre Haute facility. This translates into a high-quality product and a turn time that is second to none in the industry. We have refined our craft serving one of the most demanding markets in our industry. The use of the PT6 powered Agricultural Aircraft started our business and drove the turn time and reliability within our shop to meet the demands of that market. Our many corporate and private customers reap the benefits of that process with shorter turn times and lower maintenance costs. The PT6 engine was designed to “WORK” and that is what it does coming out of our shop, with engines operating to 8000 hours plus with no significant repairs.

We understand that your hard earned dollar demands reliability, and downtime costs money. Every engine in our shop receives the highest level of attention and service to ensure quality and safety with a turn time that exceeds our customer’s expectations.