Superior Customer Service for Our Corporate Operators

corp1 imageOur red carpet stays unrolled for our corporate operators. For consistent nose to tail quality Turbines Inc. maintenance services are unsurpassed in the industry. We provide personal customer service when you need it. From AOG to remote diagnostics, we are committed to providing you with the best engine service wherever and whenever you need it. Our expert service technicians have the training and expertise to understand your engine inside and out.

Our elite Corporate clients benefit from Turbines Inc. being designed at inception to support the Agricultural industry. We provide an accelerated turn time. Typical industry turn times are around 60 to 90 days to overhaul an engine for a corporate client. Our experienced team can offer a 30-day turn time.

Personalized Service

Simplicity from a small company

Put us to the test. Call our office at 812-877-2587. When you call, you will be instantly connected to Jim. That’s right, one person, who you can talk to about troubleshooting your engine, prices and warranty information. In a fast paced world, we still believe in personalized communication.

Cost, turn time and quality

The longer your engine is offline, the less money you make. Why spend 60 to 90 billable days in a repair facility when you can be fully operational in half that time. Cost is driven by time. The faster we can solve your problems, the less time labor is accumulated.

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Time frames you can count on:

Nozzle Same day Service
Power Section Repairs 5 days
Prop Strike 48 hours
Wire Strike 48 hours
Unusual Oil Conditions 10 days
FOD repairs 10 days
Full overhauls 3 to 4 weeks

How We Save You Money

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Turbines Inc. was designed from inception to service the Agricultural industry. It is our normal day to day operation to provide high-quality, affordable, fast repairs. For example, one of our own airplanes had a prop strike. For insurance purposes we were required to get three quotes. One quote we received was between $80,000 to $100,000, with a 30 day turn time. Our costs average around $40,000 with a 5 day turn time.

No Red Tape at Turbines Inc.

We are a customer orientated, small company. When you call our office, you will speak directly to Jim, who can answer all your questions. If Jim cannot answer your questions, he will research the correct answer and call you back as soon as possible.

We do not have the multiple bureaucratic internal support layers that a typical company would have. Turbines Inc. is a very experienced group of people with the authority to make decisions. Whether it is a warranty, part, turn time or financial quote, it is the same person that gives you that information. We believe the less layers, the less opportunity for mistakes to be made.